Selected Works

"The Phoenix is honestly the best book of its kind that I've read since Joseph Campbell's The Hero of a Thousand Faces."–Joseph Hutchison
An imaginary voyage up the northern seas of Olaus Magnus's renowned 1539 Carta Marina, with Olaus himself as the guide.
New expanded second edition of the whimsical blend of dragon lore and animal-raising guide. Lavishly illustrated.
"To anyone wishing to learn more not only on Dragons, but also other creatures, this is a great start."
"Joseph Nigg's The Book of Fabulous Beasts is the definitive work in this field."
--David Leeming
"It's hard to imagine a more complete treatment of these amazing creatures."
--The Story Bag Newsletter
". . . both good mythology and good fun. . ."
--The Houston Chronicle
A history of the most majestic of all mythical creatures.